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Media Observer’s comprehensive and integrated media monitoring services and solutions provide you with insights on market trends, industry developments and competitors, and help you create custom analysis to report media performance metrics the way your organization needs to see it.

Media Observer’s advanced reporting and analytics features enhance your ability to share timely, insightful information and make confident, business decisions related to reputation management, crisis management, competitive intelligence and strategic planning.

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Newspaper Monitoring

We comprehensively monitor more than 80 daily publications across the GCC, Levant and North Africa, in addition to the following:

  • Periodicals (weekly, monthly and quarterly magazines)
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Community publications
  • Government publications and gazettes


Magazine Monitoring

Magazine monitoring services cover more than 600 magazines all over the Middle East region.

We cover all magazine genres, including but not limited to:

  • Lifestyle magazines
  • Automotive
  • News & Politics
  • Industrial
  • Business
  • Home & Properties


Website monitoring

Monitoring various news, business & entertainment websites. We currently monitor around 400 websites.

Our online monitoring works on the hour 24/7 to ensure capturing any updates/changes related to our client’s news on the website’s pages throughout our advanced automated crawler.


TV Monitoring

Media Observer provides 24-hour monitoring of over 100 satellite and terrestrial TV channels in the MENA region.

Clients can view their TV coverage in near real-time through a web-based portal that allows them to view the TV clippings as well as translation or summary.


Radio Monitoring

We have the capability to monitor terrestrial as well as satellite radio stations across the region. Delivery of audio clips and analysis is automated and done in electronic format.

Clients are able to receive their radio coverage through a web-based portal that allows users to listen to the original radio clip as well as a translation or summary.

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