Doha Bank CEO says worst of virus, oil-shock impact is over

Doha Bank CEO says worst of virus, oil-shock impact is over

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Doha Bank QPSC said the worst of the shock from the coronavirus pandemic and a slump in oil prices has already been reflected on the Qatar lender’s balance sheet.
“We look forward to reset the button as and when the world reaches normalcy,” chief executive officer Dr Raghavan Seetharaman said in an interview on Bloomberg TV yesterday.
The CEO also said: “We have reasons to believe we will get support from the central bank” if needed, because the lender has “enough tools” in its armory, including sovereign securities, to back a request.
The lender on Tuesday reported a 3.5% decline in its net income for the first half of the year.
The firm’s dividend forecast “is in line with the projections of what we submitted. We are going to be conservative and cautious in terms of risk measurements.”
The bank’s strategy to de-risk includes improving cost efficiency, focusing on using digital technology, restructuring debt and ensuring it has enough liquidity.
Over 95% of Doha Bank’s lending will be in Qatar.

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