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Information Technology

Web design and development

Our web design approach is in line with our service process guidelines. We take the following steps to ensure that we deliver the outcome according to your needs and satisfaction; Elite will always put an effort to contribute towards that end:

​Requirements gathering and finalization

​Everything depends on your business requirements. Identifying what you wish to achieve is therefore an important first step. In our initial consultations, we will listen well and contribute with ideas to determine structure and technology to deliver the final product. Elite will also study your market to identify its key words and specify the optimal userexperience. After a few discussions, we will agree with you the website requirements and technology.

Design and development

We develop graphics proposals and ideas. In this step, we communicate back and forth with you until you are completely satisfied with the chosen layout and design style. Starting from a design theme approved by the client, our front-end developers construct the website in accordance with modern web program standards, including mobile adaptation.


How your content is written is of extreme importance if you want to have good SEO visibility, and often, content created in-house without regard for SEO ends up being ineffective. We are experts in creating bespoke content for multiple market sectors.

Mobile application development

Today, mobile sites and applications are integral to nearly every modern organization’s strategy. With the right strategy, mobile applications can provide increased visibility to businesses. However, one must carefully select the appropriate mobile application development strategy and technology (native, hybrid, etc). Before we engage to create a mobile app, we guide you through the project charter formulation and will also enable you to answer important questions, such as:

Who is your intended audience?

What is the direct benefit to them?

Does the application bridge a gap in audience’s needs or add value?

How will the application be marketed?

What is the right technology – hybrid, native, etc.

How will you measure success?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an evolving process as Google and other major search engines enhance their ability to track and share the most relevant and useful content across the web. We use content, keywords, meta data, site architecture, and other aspects to
position you at the top of relevant search results.


Selecting the right hosting is considerably dependent on your needs. Many starting businesses are challenged if asked about the details of their specific needs. Elite will guide clients through this process to determine the right hosting. Businesses that expect growth should ideally pick up hosting with room to grow, and by that we mean moving your service from shared to virtual or dedicated server – for more processing power, memory capacity, disk storage, and for better security features.

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