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Media Monitoring

Media Types

Online Media:

We monitor all key news, business and entertainment websites on a 24/7 basis. Our technologies track trends and seek out divergent opinions.

Print Media:

We monitor hundreds of daily publications and thousands of magazines across the GCC, Levant and North Africa.


We provide 24-hour monitoring services for satellite TV / Radio channels in the MENA region. Delivery of video/audio clips and analysis is automated and provided in electronic format.

Social Media:

- Aggregate data from all major social networks

- Real time crawling and data update

- Access to all tweets through direct access to Twitter Firehose

- Search and filter data in real time

- Easily export all data to Excel or CVS

- Tag your data for fast result curating based on importance, category, sentiment, location and much more

- Sort, tag and prioritize results with simple click through the data approach

- Track social engagements with impressions, shares, likes, retweets

- Automated sentiment analysis

- Identify trending topics

- Export report results to PowerPoint, Excel and CSV

Alerts and Reports

- Automatic daily newsletters

- Daily reports with qualitative summary (human analysis) of the day’s coverage

- Periodic analysis reports (weekly, monthly quarterly etc.)

- Ad-hoc reports on specific issues or events

- Analysis support during periods of crisis management

- Personalised format and layout

- In-depth analysis of all languages

Analysis reports can include the following indicators:

- Volume of articles per topic, language etc.

- Type of media and publication volume

- AVE, Circulation, Size,

- Monthly visitors and monthly page views

- Country, Sentiment analysis (Positive, Negative, Neutral)

Top Sources


We organise all monitoring information and analysis before sharing it with clients, in order to make it as simple as possible to understand. All data is shared via our custom-designed portal, enabling you to explore, organise, qualify and analyse it, and also to share it easily with team members. Our dashboards allow users to visualise a range of key indicators that are automatically updated.

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