Ooredoo Kuwait launches Smart Solutions for companies in preparation for phase 2 of the Gradual Return to Life

Ooredoo Kuwait launches Smart Solutions for companies in preparation for phase 2 of the Gradual Return to Life

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Ooredoo Telecom, the first to introduce innovative digital services in Kuwait, is offering an array of smart solutions to companies in the country in preparation for phase two of the gradual return to life. The smart solutions offered by the company include multipurpose thermal cameras, walk through thermal detectors, sanitizer gates equipped with thermal detectors, facial recognition and contactless attendance systems and social distancing solutions with AI Analytics. These smart solutions reiterate Ooredoo’s commitment to being a pioneer of digitalization in Kuwait, and as part of its commitment to keeping up with the latest trends in the tech world and ensuring the safety and well-being of its customers’ employees.

Commenting on this, Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo Kuwait Abdulaziz Al-Babtain stressed Ooredoo’s pioneering role in digital transformation in Kuwait and how digitalization is the heart of the company’s response to COVID-19; which spurred Ooredoo to offer companies in the country with smart solutions. Al-Babtain said, “Ooredoo is committed to ensuring the safety of all employees reporting back to work in the next phase, and for this reason, we are providing a number of smart solutions customized for companies”. Al- Babtain added, “The world has changed since the onset of COVID-19, and we must adapt to the ‘new normal’. It is our duty to protect the nation by ensuring the availability of smart solutions to control the spread of COVID-19”.

Al-Babtain further elaborated, “Ooredoo provides a number of smart solutions used by our enterprises customers to prepare for phase two in which employees will gradually report back to work. These smart solutions include multipurpose thermal cameras used to monitor employees’ temperatures and report high temperatures”. Al-Babtain also revealed the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for facial recognition and contactless attendance to optimize safety and COVID-19 prevention.

Al-Babtain added that Ooredoo is also providing companies with AI tools to enforce social distancing measures. Line crossing analytics will place virtual lines between employees to keep them within their own working area and will track compliance with health guidelines which also include wearing facemasks.  

Ooredoo is also providing other smart solutions such as walk-through thermal detectors, sanitizer gates with thermal detection, occupancy measurement to better manage social distancing and occupancy restrictions to keep in line with the 30% occupancy percentage enforced by the government; in addition to facemask and personal protection equipment detection which informs enterprises of employees not wearing facemasks in real time.   

Al Babtain concluded, “Ooredoo is keen to ensuring the safety and well-being of the employees and customers of its clients, and we will continue to provide our clients and the government with all their needs during this phase and we ask God to protect this great nation and its people from all harm”.

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