Ooredoo Money sub-wallets launched

Ooredoo Money sub-wallets launched

Publication: thepeninsulaqatar.com – English (English | Website)

Qatar’s leading telecommunications operator has announced a brand-new feature of its popular Ooredoo Money service, allowing users to register family members and domestic staff by sharing their wallet’s limit so they can have their own sub-wallet and get the same quick, easy and efficient access to Ooredoo Money services. 

The new feature means family members — over the age of eight for Qatari nationals, and over the age of 18 for residents of other nationalities — and any domestic staff with their Ooredoo mobile number registered under the main Wallet holder’s QID can have their own sub-wallet which they can operate independently. 

This will enable them to access the raft of services offered by Ooredoo Money from the safety of their home.

Family or staff members can request a sub-wallet by using the ‘Register’ option on the Ooredoo Money app, and the main Wallet-holder will then be prompted to approve the request. 

Or, a sub-wallet can be assigned by the main wallet holder by using the ‘sub-wallet’ option on the app. 

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