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Elite provides a unique set of services, including customised platforms and dashboards that help enhance decision-making and improve your business’s quality of service. Elite has a team of multilingual and multicultural experts to ensure that businesses have adequate analytical tools to manage all interactions with competitors, customers, influencers and media outlets. Our services help clients gain relevant market insights in order to strategically align company strategies and operations, and measure communication performance.

Traditional Media and Social Media Monitoring

Elite’s media monitoring services and solutions provide insights into public relations efforts, market trends, brand positioning and industry developments. Our platform allows businesses to create custom analysis in order to accurately assess media performance.

Our service’s advanced reporting and analytics features enhance your ability to share timely, insightful information and make confident business decisions. We provide the tools to help you with reputation management, crisis management, competitive intelligence and strategic planning.

Our platform provides dedicated solutions to monitor and analyse media, trends, and stakeholders’ opinions, at a local, regional and international level. It also monitors and analyses web content, blogs, forums, newspapers, tv and radio in addition to social media. The services we provide include documentation, content, analysis and immediate translation of local, regional or international publications. Our software enables businesses to gather and analyse results in real time, and our team of specialists can provide more in-depth analysis of results.

Media Outlets Include

Support and Training

The support, training and guidance provided by Elite’s highly experienced staff throughout the process, will help your team become autonomous and make the most out of Elite’s media monitoring platform.

Alerts and Newsletters

Real-time delivery of key data enabling you to stay on top of your brand, products, competitors, market trends or any other subject.

Sentiments and AVE Analysis

Obtain a global overview of any media or social media buzz, and measure the impact of key activities or sensitive situations. Track influencers’ and journalists’ actions.

Reports and ad hoc Studies

Acquire a deep understanding about the activities of your stakeholders and the opinions of your customers, identify media trends and measure your ROI.

A dedicated multilingual monitoring and analysis platform that provides:

  • Worldwide online media monitoring for news websites, blogs, forums and more
  • Dedicated social media monitoring platform including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.
  • Print media coverage for the GCC and MENA region.
  • Broadcast monitoring, including Qatar, GCC and MENA region.

PR and Content Management

From messaging development, superb media relations and strategies, to original content, we formulate integrated, strategic PR & communication plans.