PHCC urges public to take caution to prevent diseases in summer

PHCC urges public to take caution to prevent diseases in summer

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The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) called on the public to be careful to avoid and prevent summer diseases, as some seasonal diseases begin to appear during this hot season, the best-known of which are skin diseases in general.

PHCC explained that it constantly provides awareness and health advice and tips, to ensure the safety of all and in line with the strategy ‘prevention is better than cure’, to change behaviour patterns and limit the spread of diseases and epidemics.

Manager of PHCC’s Abu Bakr Siddiq Health Center Dr. Eiman Al Saadi highlighted that many symptoms and complications appear with high temperatures, and many seasonal diseases are widespread and frequent, especially among children and the elderly.

She warned that the intense heat during summer leads to infection with fungi and many skin diseases, which is why it is necessary to avoid exposure to these infections through preventive measures, stressing the need to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration caused by exposure to heat, and to wear sunglasses to avoid dry eyes.

She pointed out the necessity to encourage workers exposed to the heat of the weather to drink water during their daily work, and to drink it regularly with efficient portions- two liters every two to three hours- to ensure their wellness and safety.

Dr. Al Saadi also explained that high temperature negatively affects patients with heart diseases, as well as diabetes, blood pressure and kidneys, as dehydration can occur suddenly and rapidly during this season, and it increases blood hardness and reduces fluidity, which contributes to the formation of severe clots, especially for smokers and diabetics, adding that the most prominent summer diseases are also asthma and chest allergies due to high temperature, in addition to influenza.

Gastrointestinal diseases are also one of the most common and prevalent diseases among children in the summer, as they are directly related to breastfeeding or nutrition, temperature and humidity, air condition and surrounding pollution, in addition to the difficulty to control the means of transmission of the infections, she added.

She also warned the public to be aware of skin infections that usually spread during the summer season, including pigmentation, skin burns and tinea-color disease, urging all to take good care of themselves for the protection from these infections.

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