Qatar full of opportunities for Japanese investors: Doha Bank GCEO

Qatar full of opportunities for Japanese investors: Doha Bank GCEO

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There are opportunities galore for Japanese investors to take part in Qatar’s phenomenal growth, Doha Bank Group CEO R Seetharaman said on Tuesday.
Speaking at a webinar entitled ‘Bilateral and Synergistic Opportunities between Qatar and Japan’, he said that Japanese investors can get easy access to the growth by investing in Qatar’s equity market via Doha Bank’s QETF and financing mega infrastructure projects in the country through direct investments.
Highlighting Qatar as one of the most lucrative countries for foreign investment, Seetharaman said, “Qatar offers best of returns for foreign investors on investments through various types of bonds. Japanese investors can take advantage from the issuance of performance bonds, tender bonds for participation in Qatar’s infrastructure projects.”
“SME equity fund to support startups and emerging large corporates is also a good investment opportunity for them,” he said.
Seetharaman said that there is an immense scope for cooperation between Qatar and Japan in the banking sector.
He said “Qatar can also look for investment opportunities in Japanese equities, infrastructure projects and retail space.”
Providing insight into bilateral relationships between Qatar and Japan, he said, “The bilateral relations between the two countries, which will complete 50 years next year, have reached new heights. Japan and Qatar are true friends.”
Highlighting trade relations between the two countries, Seetharaman said, “Qatar is number one trade partner of Japan and liquefied natural gas (LNG) forms major part of this trade. Qatar is number three crude oil supplier to Japan. Japan also imports helium and oil products from Qatar.”
Qatar-Japan bilateral trade exceeds $14 billion, he said adding that Qatar gas announced a historic milestone as it successfully delivered the 3,000th Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) cargo to Japan in the same year.
“Qatar gas has term contracts to supply LNG with many of the key Japanese buyers including JERA, Tohoku Electric, Kansai Electric, Chugoku Electric, Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Toho Gas and Shizuoka Gas. The number of tourist visiting Japan from Qatar jumped by 36 percent in 2019,” he said.
The webinar also witnessed participation from Ambassador of Japan to Qatar HE Kazuo Sunaga. Sunaga gave insight into Qatar economy and its importance in the global space.
“The bilateral relations between Qatar and Japan will complete 50 years in 2021 and are based on trust and win-win economic relations. Japan is number one trade partner for Qatar, exporting oil and gas to Japan. Japanese companies participate in projects in Qatar. The future synergistic opportunities between the two countries will be even greater,” the envoy said.

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