Qatar Red Crescent Society TDC promotes community awareness against COVID-19

Qatar Red Crescent Society TDC promotes community awareness against COVID-19

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Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has continued to undertake its essential role of health education for the people of Qatar, particularly in relation to prevention of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.
Since the crisis began, QRCS’s Training and Development Center (TDC) redoubled its awareness and preventive work under the umbrella of the Ministry of Public Health’s (MoPH) labour and communication committee.
A multifaceted action plan was outlined to promote healthy behaviour and hygiene awareness among people of different walks of life, to control the coronavirus and other infectious diseases.
The plan is implemented in coordination with all the departments and divisions of QRCS, including awareness publications, training courses, and educative lectures at the center, Workers’ Health Centers, and worksites.
These informative events are instructed by 10 trainers and 6 volunteers, including infection control officers and health educators. The content of the lectures is taken from reliable references and taught in various languages to match the backgrounds of the trainees.
Among the beneficiaries covered by the lectures were QRCS volunteers and staff, MoPH volunteers, public and international schools, companies, government organizations, ministries, charities, and foreign communities, in addition to those working at the Mekaines quarantine facility.
Over the course of the COVID-19 response, 268 lectures and training courses were organised for the benefit of 3,243 volunteers, cleaning workers, expatriate laborers, security individuals, and other professionals.
During sessions, the attendance are introduced to the origin, spread, transmission, symptoms, and treatment of COVID-19. Special focus is put on personal and collective protection, psychological support, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and swapping.
Other achievements included publishing six types of awareness printouts, totalling 730 touchless stickers and fixed and animated promotional materials, designing a COVID-19 awareness brochure in three languages (Arabic, English, and Hindi), and posting it on the websites of QRCS and other interested companies and organizations.
As regards distance learning, three online workshops were produced in Arabic and English, recording over 15,000 views. Also, there were four preventive workshops (live), each recording 2,500 views within 30 minutes.
The list of productions extends to include a series of 13 sessions titled “Protect Your Health – COVID-19”, as well as over 30 health messages on preventive tips and healthy fasting, with a wide reach on QRCS’s social media platforms.
In cooperation with QRCS’s Volunteering and Local Development Division, TDC developed an innovative face shield, which was produced by Qatar Scientific Club (QSC), as a contribution to the coronavirus (COVID-19) control efforts.

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