QDA received over 1,200 calls since March

QDA received over 1,200 calls since March

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA)’s Diabetes’s Medical Team has received more than 1,200 calls since March through the hotline dedicated to responding to patients’ inquiries and teleconsultation services, which target patients with diabetes, especially those with problems controlling the disease, as part of the measures designed to protect the people living with diabetes.   

The association has also carried out a number of online services such as training in the use of all testing devices,  including diabetes sensor devices that work without tingling,  educating and following up on diagnosed pregnant women with diabetes, training in the use of insulin pump especially for people with type 1 diabetes,  helping patients who need to get their medicine by directing them to the competent authorities such as Hamad Medical  Corporation,  Primary Health Care Foundation, Qatar Red Crescent and Home Care Department, who provide all kinds of appropriate treatment to enhance the self-management of people with diabetes, and many educational sessions have also been carried out through visual communication with people living with diabetes.

In addition to the hotline service, which the association activates annually in cooperation with the doctors of Hamad Medical Corporation in order to ensure a safe fast with diabetes, it also arranged a lecture on dietary guidelines for people with diabetes during Ramadan. 

The association also cooperated with the Department of Advocacy and Guidance, to advise diabetics wishing to observe fasting.

QDA also participated through electronic platforms in the activities of the Green Tent. 

Under the current health conditions, all information and awareness guidance for people with diabetes are updated daily through social media channels and the association’s SMS service.
Dr. Abdullah Al Hamaq, Executive Director of Qatar Diabetes Association, said: “Diabetes does not put you at greater risk of getting  the coronavirus COVID-19, but if your blood sugar level is high, your immune   system’s ability to control infection is negatively affected,”   

“It is very important to   keep your blood sugar within normal range, as in the case of a virus you are likely to experience severe symptoms and complications, especially when you have poor blood sugar control.”  

Dr. Al Hamaq stressed the need to stay in contact with the diabetes  care team to help you control the level of diabetes in the blood.  

“We note that social spacing and staying at home is one of the most important preventive measures while avoiding overcrowding and public places  and maintaining personal hygiene  and sterilization,” added Dr Al Hamaq.

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