QRCS extends food aid to 26,400 Iraqis, Syrians in Iraq

QRCS extends food aid to 26,400 Iraqis, Syrians in Iraq

Publication: The Peninsula (English | Newspaper)

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has completed a humanitarian project to help the vulnerable groups affected by coronavirus lockdown in Iraq. Food aid worth $267,759 was distributed to 26,400 beneficiaries in Mosul (Nineveh) and Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan). A total of 2,000 and 2,800 food baskets were distributed in the two cities, respectively. The purpose of the intervention is to alleviate the suffering of displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees, by meeting the food needs. A special attention was paid to day labourers and low-income workers who stopped work due to the coronavirus control measures. To comply with the transparency regulations, the procurement was conducted under a public tender. The distributions were done in cooperation with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) and local authorities in the target areas. Also, IRCS helped in developing the list of beneficiaries, in accordance with the selection criteria adopted for the project. Each basket contained 19 kg of food staples like rice, lentils, vegetable oil, tomato paste, sugar, and bulgur. There are plans to expand the project, by adding extra 1,000 food baskets, to be distributed over the coming few days. All preventive measures were taken to ensure the safety of both the workers and beneficiaries. Personal protection equipment (PPE) was provided, including masks, gloves, and medical gowns. A safe distance was kept between the workers and recipients, to avoid close contact. Home visits were made to those who could not show up to receive their food baskets.

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