QRCS sends medical aid to Gaziantep region in Turkey

QRCS sends medical aid to Gaziantep region in Turkey

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QATAR Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has delivered medical supplies as a gift to Gaziantep Province, in response to the invitation by the Department of Societies of the southern Turkish province to the humanitarian providers involved in Syria.
The gift included 36,000 masks and 72,000 gloves, in order to ensure the protection of medical and non-medical staff at public hospitals working in Turkey and Syria from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Gaziantep is a Syria-adjacent border province located 96 kilometres away from Aleppo City. It hosts many makeshift shelter centres for Syrian refugees. Since 2011, the province has received around 400,000 Syrians.
QRCS’ representation mission in Turkey is applying preventive measures in Syria, in coordination with World Health Organization (WHO) and other humanitarian peers working there.
They are developing preparedness, response and follow-up plans. All preventive and administrative procedures are strictly applied at the multiple QRCS-operated health facilities and services.
This gift reflects the strong relations between QRCS and Turkey’s public organisations and NGOs, mainly the Turkish Red Crescent. It builds upon the historical bonds of friendship between the two countries at various levels, which are capitalised on and promoted by QRCS to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian brothers affected by the prolonged conflict in their country.
It is worth mentioning that QRCS operates both locally and internationally and has ongoing international relief and development projects in a number of countries throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
QRCS’ humanitarian actions include providing support in disaster preparedness, disaster response, risk reduction, and disaster recovery. To mitigate the impact of disasters and improve the livelihoods of affected populations, QRCS provides medical services, healthcare and social development to local communities.
QRCS is also active at the humanitarian advocacy front. With the help of a vast network of trained, committed staff and volunteers, QRCS aspires to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilising the power of humanity.

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