Talabat ties up with Elite Paper Recycling to produce green boxes for grocery deliveries

Talabat ties up with Elite Paper Recycling to produce green boxes for grocery deliveries

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Talabat, the region’s leading food and grocery delivery app, has stayed true to its promise for a greener environment by using recycled materials as delivery boxes. This green packaging initiative will be available for all grocery orders made through the app from stores such as Carrefour, Spar and Monoprix.
Talabat has set another first in the delivery industry in Qatar by using recycled boxes made by Elite Paper Recycling (EPR), the only Qatar-based manufacturer of recycled products. After working together for the Eco-Dome Project, Talabat has responded to EPR’s call for a more sustainable environment through the green box implementation.
Talabat has been following the necessary safety measures against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), including the use of cardboard boxes as recommended by WHO. Researches have shown that the coronavirus virus can survive for up to 72 hours on plastic, and less than 24 hours on cardboard.
Francisco Miguel de Sousa, Talabat Qatar’s Managing Director, said: “Talabat is proud to be using Qatari products by Elite Paper Recycling. This recycled box initiative is just the beginning of Talabat’s green building transformation. We all have a role to play in shaping a sustainable future, and this is just one of our many initiatives to come and be in line with the Qatar Sustainability and the Qatar National Vision 2030.”
‘We are pleased with our cooperation with Talabat, the leading online platform industry. Talabat will be the first company to deliver customers’ orders using recycled cardboard as this cooperation will move to other stages in the future,” stated Abdullah Ibrahim Al Suwaidi, chairman of EPR.
“This campaign was launched amidst the COVID 19 crisis outbreak and is the first of its kind in Qatar and we are very proud to say that it’s 100 percent made in Qatar and 100 percent recyclable and eco-friendly. It is a true showcase that even during crisis times it is possible to evolve as a business, adding value and showing solidarity to our community as well as raising awareness on important issues like recycling, going green and ‘Stay home-Save Lives’. On the other hand, this collaboration fully supports local SMEs, encourages CSR Strategies and of course helps to develop the circular economy in Qatar,” stated Catina Aghayan, communications strategy advisor at EPR.
Talabat is participating in many ways to save the environment. A ‘No Cutlery’ option is also available in the app to opt out from using plastic utensils.

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