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Media Buying

Save time with our Media Planning and Buying Solutions. 
Organize, analyze and communicate media buys for broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital media. Email station and insertion orders withone click.


News Distribution

Every business aims at increasing its brand awareness by reaching out to potential customers through different marketing techniques. We connect your business with thousands of media channels, journalists, stakeholders, and industry influencers via optimized distribution platform. We provide a unique hassle-free submission and publishing experience with leading-edge tools and resources. Connect your content with media channels via our optimized distribution platform and get instant coverage.


Email Funnel

Do you have an important announcement, moment or an event to share with the your target audience? Impress your clients and build brand visibility! Email Funnel is a representation of how a subscriber goes from prospective lead to a customer through educational and promotional email communications. For effective email funnels, marketers have to anticipate the subscriber's needs to send an email at the right time to elicit action.


Influencer Marketing

Connect with the Right Influencer for your industry. We offer an interactive platform to get access to a wide range of data of media influencers from different industries and their latest social media posts, articles and blogs in order to arrive at a better selection decision. Our interface is designed such that you can contact your influencer directly and launch your campaign just at the tip of your fingers.

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